Placement Cell of Sri Ramanujar Engineering College


The main objective of Training & Placement Cell of our Engineering College is to provide employment opportunities for the students through world class training to place themselves in Leading Organizations.

       The Cell is well equipped with ample infrastructure in terms of Placement Exams Lab, Training Lab, Communication Lab, for Pre Placement Talk and Seminars hall, Presentations hall etc.

PLACEMENT - Sri Ramanujar Engineering College

      The placement cell of Sri Ramanujar Engineering Colleges holds the objective of acquainting the students of the Institute with Industries. The Placement cell organizes and extends services towards collaborative placement activities. The cell conducts training activities for the Engineering and MBA students mainly focusing on Career planning, Personality Development Industry- Institute Interaction, in plant training, Industrial visits, Campus placements, Entrepreneurship Development. Continuous interaction of the cell with the Alumina also helps in achieving the goals & motivating students to contribute in this direction.

       The Placement Cell is consistently committed to achieve cent percent placement .The academic pedagogy of the curriculum is made complete in tune with placement strategy, by introducing students to Corporate World Environment, through summer training exposure in various industries. Management events are conducted to develop all round personality, and students are kept personally and professionally updated to the unfolding dynamic environment.


Training Programs

      It arranges training for students to improve their Aptitude and group discussions skills. Mock interviews are continuously arranged so as to increase the employ-ability levels of students.

      All the Engineering Department students and Management Students undergo the training. The students of the college are trained by various prestigious training institutes like.

1) NIIT 

2) TIME Institute

3) AXIOM Academy

4) Blue Lotus

5) MAFOI Training Academy

6) HCL Training Centre

      Apart from the placement training we introduce various special courses like personality development, Communication development and technical development etc.,


      Apart from this, the placement wing of Sri Ramanujar Engineering Colleges also arranges lot of guest lecturer by eminent persons from various industries and academia for all the branches so as to provide the students with additional input on ground realities.

       When the students enter into the final year, placement wing approaches lot of corporate houses and industrial establishments and invites them to visit the campus for the placement interviews. In some cases, off campus interviews are also arranged with some industrial house after establishing a good rapport with the industries. Our college students actively participate in off campus interviews organized by Anna University