Training Programs 

  It arranges training for students to improve their Aptitude and group discussions skills. Mock interviews are continuously arranged so as to increase the employ-ability levels of students.

      All the Engineering Department students and Management Students undergo the training. The students of the college are trained by various prestigious training institutes like.

1) NIIT 

2) TIME Institute

3) AXIOM Academy

4) Blue Lotus

5) MAFOI Training Academy

6) HCL Training Centre

      Apart from the training we introduce various special courses like personality development, Communication development and technical development etc.,


Personality Development

 The innate talent and the trained skills will for sure enhance Personality. Self awareness, the key to self realization leads to better interpersonal skill which thus contributes to better persona.

 With this objective in mind, the curriculum includes Body Language, Self Esteem, Communication Skills, Leadership Qualities and Development, Global Perspective, Career Guidance and Interview Skills, Effective Public Speaking, Universal Values, Time Management and Etiquette.

       The special nature of our team is to provide training & knowledge sharing on other Life Coping Skills including Banking techniques, Investments, Taxation, Management lessons and Legal rights. Parenting Techniques, Lessons on Health & Hygiene and Moral values.


English Development

 Participants in this course will make a better use of their English speaking skills and will acquire tools that will allow them not only to use their actual English language resources properly but to use them effectively to better communicate in oral presentations, meetings, conferences and everyday conversations.

       This course will review the English communication skills of the participants through real contexts and will analyze and work on them based on what an "effective communication" is, according to the descriptors of the oral skills from various training class and seminars. DVD’s from experts in this field is used as recourses for this purpose.

       The college has set up an English Communication Skills Laboratory consisting Networked Computers with latest Audio & Video equipments as per Anna University norms. The defined for proficiency in English Communication Skills has become a vital part in the academic activities in order to make the students to fulfill the requirements. Due to Globalization and the present scenario in IT and Industrialo sectors, each student in our instituion is trained for effective Communication in English with the support of experienced English Lecturers using latest gadgets and computers at English Communication Lab.

      Special Attention given to the students who are weak in English Communication. Students Record their Presentation individually by them selves and playback to improve his/her communications skills. As the English Communication practice is given to students from the first year onwards, they become comfortable to face thr campus interviews during their degree course completion. This is one of the personality development offered to the students by the Institution.