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The traditional engineering departments in recent times have undergone a major restructuring to bring in excellence and relevance into their activities. The advanced tools, techniques, equipment and instrumentation have made it possible to address some of the deeper but hitherto unanswered practical questions. One such department undergoing this transition is the Department of Civil Engineering at Sri Ramanujar Engineering College.

       Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. Today's civil engineers deal primarily with public and private infrastructure and its relation to the environment, including transportation systems, bridges, dams, buildings, water supply/distribution /treatment systems, wastewater and storm water collection/treatment/disposal systems, irrigation systems, and flood control. Civil engineers also operate public and private works, and design environmental protection for water, air, and land.

       The Department of Civil Engineering at Sri Ramanujar Engineering College was established in the year 2011-2012 traversed the path of knowledge dissemination and generation. Over these years, it has carved niche for itself in the key areas of teaching, research, consultancy, administration and community services.

       The department offers undergraduate and caters to 200 B.E students. The Department's research efforts are having significant impact on our society as well as on the scientific community.The faculty members of the department have demonstrated a deep sense of commitment, enthusiasm, achievement, motivation and innovation, to sustain the academic programme. Organising intensive courses of short duration for the benefit of teachers of other colleges and practising professionals to update them with the recent advances in specific areas, is a major strength of the department.

       To be a civil engineer is to bring an in-depth understanding of scientific principles to the service of vision and imagination. The range of careers in which civil engineers are found is as broad as this suggests.

      The Civil Engineering Department will excel in undergraduate and graduate instruction, in research in all sub-areas of civil engineering, and in service to the public consistent with the land-grant mission of the university. The Department will make significant contributions to the economic development of the state, region and nation.

       The ever-changing branch has lot of challenges varying from Nano to Macro level.The mission of the department is to develop competent, efficient & and quality Civil Engineers who can reach the Industry Expectations in the current trend and to enrich knowledge and encourage the students to become Entrepreneurs. It has a goal to be a center of excellence for development and dissemination of knowledge in Technology and Engineering for the nation and beyond.

       Today, the world of Civil Engineering mainly is facing rapid changes under the influence of advanced computational tools, vastly improved simulation and analysis, and entirely different manufacturing protocols.
Keeping the above challenges in view department has set the objectives.

1)To Inculcate the Culture of Learning the day to day updates into the students

2)To Impart Quality education to the students

3)To Carry out the Research work in latest Trends of Technology

4)To meet the challenge of faculty obsolescence in educational institutions, rowing emphasis on continuing education is stressed, with more pragmatic and more practical emphasis on curricula to meet the challenge
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