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Co-Curricular Activities
To bridge the gap between the syllabus and the recent trends the various engineering disciplines, every department has a Technical Association where all students and staff are members. The Association is a forum which identifies and brings out the best organizing talents within the students. The association organizes student symposiums, Conferences, Industrial Visits and Guest lectures. The symposiums are a total student centric and student organized event where technical paper presentations and technical quiz are the main events. The other events are robotic design competition, system assembly, debugging computer programs , adzap etc.. The conferences are mainly a platform for sharing the recent advances and research trends in each engineering disciplines. Students get the experience of seeing the industry working and practices during the industrial visits. Distinguished industry experts and academic professors frequently visit various departments to share their experiences in the form of Guest lectures.

Students are encouraged to work on cutting edge technology and participate / present their findings in various symposiums and conferences held in reputed institutions outside our college also. They also get substantial financial aid from the management for books, materials and travel.