Academic Calendar

Encouragement / Scholarship
Students are encouraged to actively participate in Academics, Sports and Games, Culturals, Symposiums and Conferences held inside and outside our college.

Academic Achievement Award :

In each subject, students write five internal tests in a semester. The students who comes out successfully with high marks and Ranks in each unit test are awarded 'SCHOLAR' badges and students who secures university ranks are awarded with ' ACADEMIC ACHIEVER' badges. Students wear these badges everyday to college. This feature is unique to Sri Ramanujar Engineering College to motivate our students in academics. Certificates and handsome prizes are distributed to class toppers during the Annual day function.


Our College encourages deserving socially backward students to get financial aid provided by the Govt of India and Govt of Tamil Nadu.

In addition, college management is generous in offering scholarship to academically bright and financially background students

In the academic year 2012-2013, nearly 850 students availed these scholarships amounting to few lakhs.

Sports and Culturals :

SREC is proud to have a professional cricket ground where every week, matches and competitions are held between corporate teams and professional clubs. Students are enthused and motivated by observing and participating in these matches. Our college staff has a cricket team where experienced players are members and won open tournaments. Frequently matches are held between Student team and Staff team. Other games promoted by our college are Basket ball, Badminton, Volley ball and football. Sports day is an annual event in our college where students get opportunity to exhibit their talents.

Students interested in Dance, Drama, Music and other cultural events participate and enthrall visitors and fellow students with their talents. Management is very liberal in recognizing them with sumptuous gifts and prizes.