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Learning is a continuous process in anybody's life. At SREC, students get an opportunity to learn from  eminent professors. All Laboratories have adequate latest equipments  for students to experiment and convince themselves of whatever they have learnt in theory. The college provides all facilities to make students to groom themselves to a well balanced adult to face the challenges posed by the engineering industry. I wish that all our students make use of their college days to learn well and help their family and serve the society at large.

                                                                                                                                                                          Prof. Dr. B.Chandramouli




To my mind an education is building character, enriching minds and about enriching experiences that last a life time. To make a difference and where learning is not just a series of instructions but a passion, which goes beyond books, beyond instructions, beyond learning horizons. We believe in learning by capturing a set of experiences and enable one to explore new realms of wisdom

Prof.Dr. M.Chandrasekaran - Director(late)





I advice our students to cooperate well with our Professors, lecturers and lab Instructors closely to learn and understand the basic concepts taught in theory classes and try to apply in practical laboratories and work shops as well. Make a habit of sharing your doubts with your professors, lecturers and instructors from the lessons taught in previous classes and try to clear your doubts without failing just before you start up for the next class. Thorough knowledge will help the students to overcome the barrier of future competition.

Prof.Dr. S.Krishnamurthy - Dean




Sl.No.Name of the StaffDesignation
1. Mr. J. Elumalai Office Manager
2. Mrs. Sai Leela A Chezhian P.R.O
3. Mr. S.Srikanth Sr. Assistant
4. Mr.K. Damodarasamy Sr. Assistant
5 Mr. S.Thanakotti Sr. Assistant
6. Mr. K.PichaiPillai Dy.Warden
7. Mrs. S.Uma Jr. Assistant
8 Mr. S. Jayaraman Accountant
9. Mr.P.S.Saravanan Library Assistant
10 Mr. P.S. Sathish Kumar Physical Director
11. Mr. N. Anandan Library Assistant
12. Ms. K. DeivaManohari Placement Officer
13. Mr. G. Ramalingam Estate Officer
14. Ms. P. Bhuvaneswari Jr. Asst
15. Mr. A. Solai Shanmugam Accountant
16. Ms. R. Vijayalakshmi PA to Principal
17. Mr. S. Thirunavakkarasu Attender
18. Mr. P. Ramadoss Attender
19 Mr. A. Vinayagam Attender
20 Mr. R.Dwaraka Nathan Stores Assistant