Rules & Regulations

  • The Code of Conduct is drawn up to ensure proper and smooth functioning of the institution, and to maintain the reputation and goodwill of the College

  • Students, both boys and girls, should come to the college decently dressed up. They should adhere to the cultural values and good heritage that the college stands for.

  • Students are expected to be punctual to classes. Latecomers will be admitted only with the permission of the Principal or the Departmental Coordinators.

  • Loitering in verandahs, corridors, staircase and other passages is discouraged as it disturbs the academic atmosphere in the campus. Strict action will be initiated against students who are found unnecessarily near the canteens, Hostel blocks, playgrounds and other such places inside the College campus.  

  • While moving from one class to another, strict silence must be observed.

  • When students are free, they are expected to go to the Library.

  • While inside the class, students Students are expected to be punctual for the classes, failure of which requires permission from the Principal/Attendance Committee.

  • Students are expected to read the circulars put up on various Notice boards in the college, and ignorance of any circular will not be  accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.

  • Use of cell phones by students inside the classrooms, whether the classes are on or not, is strictly prohibited. Cell Phones will be confiscated, if students are found using them inside the classrooms.

  • Students are advised that smoking and drinking are injurious to health and therefore, involving in these practices anywhere should be avoided. Use of Tobacco, alcohol and any narcotic drugs inside the college campus is strictly forbidden.

  • Students shall not involve in any form of ragging inside or outside the College campus. Ragging is punishable under law.

  • The College does not take donations / Capitation fees for admissions. All instances of demand for donations must be reported to the Principal, either in writing
  • Those who bring vehicles to the college are advised not to indulge in rash driving and must park at their own risk inside or outside the campus. Strict action will be taken against those involved in rash driving.
  • Students will have to remit course fees in time. Nanes will be struck off the rolls and TC given to students who do not remit the fees in time as announced by the college Principal
  •  Students should not make any payments to anybody, unless authorised by the Principal.
  • Students are forbidden to organise any meeting in the college or collect money for any purpose without the prior permission of the Principal.
  •  No students shall enter the college except on business and at the stipulated times.
  •  Students are expected to hand over to the College Office any property found in any place in the College campus.
  •  Great care must be taken in handling equipment / apparatus in the labs. All breaking, losses and damages must be reported at once to the Departmental coordinators.
  • Every student should possess identity card with his/her photo affixed on it duly attested by the principal. Students are expected to wear their rope identity cards whether inside or outside the class. The identity card shall be shown on demand while in the college office, Library, and while applying for Railways / Bus Concession, and while participating in inter-collegiate events. Identity card shall be carried by the students to the University Examination hall. Identity card shall be shown to the security staff manning the gates.
  •  A grievance redressal mechanism exists in the institution. Students are advised to approach the faculty-in-charge of Grievance Redressal cell for getting their grievances or problems addressed.


  •  It shall be the duty of every student to attend classes regularly and punctually. 
  • No student shall absent himself/herself from any class without prior application for leave. Application for leave must be made beforehand in the prescribed form. If the absence is necessitated by unforeseen circumstances, an application for leave must be submitted not later than the first day of his return to the college. Leave applied for in time will ordinarily be granted when proper reasons are given. But in case of sickness exceeding five days, the Principal may demand a Medical Certificate in support thereof.
  •  Application for leave should be countersigned by parent or guardian.
  •  The application for leave should be submitted to their respective Departmental Coordinators. 
  • If a student absents himself/herself without informing of leave for a period of ten working days, he/she is liable to be taken off the rolls.
  •  A student must attend at least 75% of the working days to earn his Term Certificate.
  •  A student’s attendance, academic progress and conduct as assessed by the staff and the principal will be the only consideration for promotion to the next academic year or selection for the University Examination. The principal may at his discretion require a student who does not show adequate progress in studies or who is irregular in attendance to withdraw from the college.
  •  Students who represent the college at Debates/Seminars/Cultural Meets/Sports/Games and Other Extra-Curricular activities like N.C.C, N.S.S, Rotract Club and Youth Red Cross will earn attendance for the lectures conducted, when they were aware on deputation. These deputations should be authorized in writing by the club coordinators  and countersigned by Departmental Coordinators.


  •  Student of the college are strictly forbidden from participating in political agitations of all kinds. The principal may also prevent a student from engaging prominently in any political movement which is undesirable to a student
  •  If a student attend political meeting or encourages in political agitation and conducts himself/herself in a way that is detrimental to the corporate life or functioning of the college, the principal is empowered to expel or suspend the student or refuse issuing all or some certificates due to him. His case may also be reported to the University for Punishment under the university regulations.
  •  The principal has the right to frame an issue disciplinary rule of temporary or permanent nature whenever necessary. These rules might concern with the maintenance of dignity and reputation of the college or conduct of the student within the college precincts 
  •  Under the Tamil Nadu Government Education Rules, the Principal has full powers to impose fines, refuse certificates, suspend or expel a student from the college, in case it is found that the behavior/act of the student is undesirable / detrimental to the interests of the institution.
  • Organized absence from classes and soliciting absence from other students are serious breaches of discipline which would lead to expulsion of the student.
  •  Students are not allowed to address any authority outside the College without the permission of the Principal.
  • Ragging in any form is a serious offence and those found indulging in it will be summarily expelled from the college as per the directions of the Government. Do not rag and get Ragged. All instances of ragging, including eve-teasing, whether inside or Outside the campus, must be brought to the notice or Principal, either in writing or oral. Drop boxes have been available. Aggrieved persons can avail of it.
  •  Use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs inside the college campus is strictly prohibited. Students found in possession or using them would be summarily given TC.

  • Students found involved in violent behavior inside or outside the class, and in group violence inside the campus leading to bloody clashes, would be severely dealt with. Disciplinary action will be initiated against all those involved in them, leading to expulsion from the College