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Mechanical Engineering is surely the broadest of engineering disciplines. Wherever advanced materials can serve mankind in innovative machines, or innovative devices and processes are needed, the creativity and professional skills of mechanical engineers will be in demand.

            The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Sri Ramanujar Engineering College was established in the year 2002-2003 traversed the path of knowledge dissemination and generation as well as delivering over 1000 Mechanical Engineering graduates to the Nation. Over these eight years, it has carved niche for itself in the key areas of teaching, research, consultancy, administration and community services.

            The Department of Mechanical Engineering prioritizes the necessary revamping of Mechanical Engineering education, which is driven primarily by dynamics of technological advances and sustainable development and with active involvement of industry, alumini, research organizations and other stakeholders. The department offers undergraduate and post graduate programmes and caters to 500 B.E students and 30 M.E. students.

            The Department's research efforts are having significant impact on our society as well as on the scientific community. We are strong in the fundamental disciplines of mechanical engineering and in various thematic areas: automotive engineering; design and manufacturing; dynamics, systems and controls; energy and environment; fluids; mechanics and materials; mechatronics and thermal sciences. We have strategically built critical mass and integrated the new emerging fields with core mechanical engineering.

            To be a mechanical engineer is to bring an in-depth understanding of scientific principles to the service of vision and imagination. The range of careers in which mechanical engineers are found is as broad as this suggests.



        The vision of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Sri Ramanujar Engineering College is:

        To become and be recognized by our peers and industry as one of the top-tier undergraduate and graduate Mechanical Engineering programs in the Country. 



        The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Sri Ramanujar Engineering College is threefold:



        To provide a high-quality educational experience for undergraduate and graduate students that enables them to become leaders in their chosen professions


        To create, explore, and develop innovations in engineering and science through undergraduate and graduate research


        To provide beneficial service to the local, state, national, and international industries and communities via educational, technical, entrepreneurial, and professional activities 


Sl. No.

Name of the  Faculty member




Prof. Dr. K. Chidambaram

Prof. & Principal

Ph.D., M.E., B.E.


Dr. A.Dhanapal


Ph.D, M.E.,B.E.


Prof. S. Raja Rao

HOD & Prof.

(Ph.D) M.E., B.E.


Mr. M. Rajamohan

Asso.   Prof

M.E., B.E.


Mr. J. Venkatesh

Asso. Prof.

M.E., B.E.


Mr. G.Balaji

Asst. Prof.

M.E., B.E.


Mr. S. R. Vijayakumar

Asst. Prof.

M. E.,B.E.


Mr. M. Ramathas

Asst. Prof.

M. E.,B.E.


Mr. R. Prabakaran

Asst. Prof.

M. E., B.E.


Ms. E. Manopriya

Asst. Prof

M. E.,  B. E


Mr. K. S. Vigneshwaran

Asst. Prof

M. E.,  B.E


Mr. S. Srinath

Asst. Prof

M.E,  B.E.


Mr. K. Siva

Asst. Prof.

(M.E), B.E


Ms. S. Arulselvi

Asst. Prof.

(M.TECH),  B.E


Mr. M. Santhoshkumar

Asst. Prof

(M.E), B.E.


Mr. P. Sivapatham

Asst. Prof

(M.E) , B.E.


Mr. S. Harikesavan

Asst. Prof.



Mr. D. Asokarajan

 Asst. Prof.




Mr. T. V. Gopal

Asst. Prof.

M. E. B. E.


Mr. G. Karthick

Asst. Prof.

(M. E.), B. E.

 M.E. Computer Aided Design   

Sl. No.

Name of the  Faculty member




Dr. S. Sathiyamurthy

HOD & Prof.

Ph. D, M.E., B.E.   


Prof.T.Thomas Mathew


M.E., B.Sc.


 Mr. R. Balagangatharathilakar

Asso. Prof.

M.E., B.E.

Research Areas 

  • Experimental investigation on diesel engine emission using selective catalytic reduction technique with urea injection.
  • Performance of alternative fuels in I.C two stroke engines.
  • Studies on mechanical behaviors of filter added coir polyester components.
  • Corrosion behavior of friction stir welded az61a magnesium alloy welds.
  • Experimental investigation on heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of perforated twisted tape inserted with NANO fluid materials.
  • Enhancement of solar PV cell efficiency by using anti defective and self cleaning by various technique.
  • Productivity improvements DTQM, lean concept methodology.
  • Surface behavior of solar cells using aluminum oxide and talcum oxide NANO materials.


International Journals

-          38

International Conference

-          14

National Journals

-          21

National Conference

-          47


Industrial Visits

        Plant visits by students and faculty are a regular feature of the department as these visits or tours expose the students and faculty to actual industrial settings.

Seminars, Lectures, and Exhibits

        The students of Mechanical Engineering department regularly organize various technical & extracurricular events and bring out magazine annually under mechanical engineering students association called MISILE.

         Symposia and lectures dealing with different fields of engineering have been conducted in campus with active participation from the industry. This is another way of keeping the faculty and students in the department attuned to the changing nature of the world of work. Conversely, faculty members have disseminated to the public various engineering and engineering-related researches and development from the academe's point of view.

         Exhibits displayed by industrial companies have become an attraction during the Engineering Week and during the special celebrations of the engineering students organizations. These exhibits highlight the joint research projects of undergraduate/graduate students and faculty.



         A national level RC Nitro Racing held at the college premises which enhance the racing experience throughout the nation. Every year the event hosts the most dynamic, budding engineers from all over the country under one banner. Nitro racing focuses on bringing the best out of all of the participants and in honouring them with attractive prizes, building their self belief. It also provides a chance to interact with the most eminent experts of various industries of our domain, so that our fraternity gains on-site exposure

The Mechanical Engineering laboratories contain the latest machines, computing and software facilities for instruction and research in the fields of:

  • Basic Engineering Practices
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Strength of Materials
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Materials and Metallurgy
  • Dynamics of Machinery
  • Metrology and Measurements
  • Mechatronics

The department of mechanical engineering have excelled consistently in the academic performance of their students. The students have passed out with Excellent results of over 99% in all the Mechanical Engineering subjects and more than 25% students of the college have scored hundred percent in Engineering Graphics every year. The students of higher semester of Mechanical Engineering have passed out with excellent results with maximum number of First Class with Distinction.

         The students of the department of Mechanical Engineering are actively involved in all the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities of the institution. Many of the students of the department are team members of various sports teams and teams of extra-curricular activities. An association of the mechanical engineering department called MISILE is being established to provide a platform for the students for all their curricular and co-curricular activities

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 1. Gokul Ramanathan of IV Year, Mechanical Engineering Selected for and competed in finals of All India Robotics Competition held at IIT Bombay in March 2013. Built an obstacle avoidance robot for the purpose.Summer Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for the year of 2011.
Awarded one in 80 fellowships to students all over India. Worked in the field of Quantum Mechanics and contributed to research ideas during the fellowship.
Publication - "Implementation of a Multi-Axial Gradient Dependent Stress Criterion to Evaluate the Fatigue Life of a Bicycle Frame" - Submitted to International Journal of Fatigue, Elsevier Publications. (Under Review).
Extracurricular - Twice the 2nd runner up of quiz conducted by Tata Consultancy Services among over 750 participant teams. 

2. George Jebin of III Year, Mechanical Engineering 

Selected as Wicket Keeper and Batsman in the Anna University Cricket Team during the year 2013-2014.





3. 83% of our eligible students are placed in companies like TVS, CATERPILLAR, TAFE, GKN DRIVELINE, RANE, SUPER SUTO FORGE, MRF, APPOLO TYRES, etc.,


4.60% of the our students get a CGPA of 80% and above in the Anna University semester examinations.