(1) March 8th Women’s Day Celebration at College Auditorium (2) Bluball Technologies Pvt Ltd is conducting a campus drive on 23/02/24 for CSE, IT, EEE & ECE (3) “Green campus week” NSS activity is going to held from 26/02/24 To 02/03/24

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Aravanaippu is a student’s association started in the year 2009, on the birthday of social worker Mother Teresa; to fulfill her vows that to give “Whole hearted and free service to the poorest of the poor”. Blood donation, Organ donation, visiting orphanages, serving people in old age homes and mentally challenged have been some of the services organized by the students of “Aravanaippu”. Students in this organization do this great service with their savings from pocket money which is also supported by many of the college staff members. The college management gives great moral and financial support for this student organization “Aravanaippu”.